Lost and Found Animals

Grapevine Animal Services is here to help animals get back to their home and the people who love them.  Here are services that we provide to assist:

Review Found Animals (if you are missing a pet).

Report a Found Animal.

Review Lost Animals (if you have found a pet).

Report a Lost Animal (your pet is missing).

Please visit the shelter once every 3-5 days while your animal is missing.  We do our best to make matches by taking and providing reports/photos as a reference--you know your animal best.

Lost Cat
What Else Can I Do If I Have Lost My Pet?
Once you have reported your pet missing, consider the following items.  There are so many places that your animal may end up or be reported to, we encourage you to be an active participant in locating your sweet friend.

What Else Can I Do If I Have Found A Pet?
Once you have reported the found animal, consider the following items.

  • Please have the animal scanned for a chip.  We will happily provide the service or you may visit your nearest veterinary clinic.  There is no charge.
  • Connect with neighbors on NextDoor or via the NextDoor app
  • Make a free found pet search/notification with Petco Love Lost that uses facial recognition: Petco Love Lost
  • Try online lost and found websites and search Facebook sites such as:  Lost Dogs of TexasLost and Found Pets HEBLost and Found Pets Keller Southlake ColleyvilleTexas - Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets
  • Make a simple flyer.  Don't be afraid to use a picture thinking that someone who is not the owner will want to reclaim.  You may ask that anyone coming forward provide details about the pet, veterinary records, or simply several photos of the animal that most owners would have in their possession
  • Call surrounding area shelters to leave a found report